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This has been anything but a slow news week at City Education Partners. From our own big announcement in new leadership, to a new school finance law, here's our roundup for the week.

Big news from our team as Mark Larson, the mission-driven school leader who brought KIPP to San Antonio and pioneered some of the city's first collaborative charter-ISD partnerships, has been named our next leader. Our current Executive Director, Joel Harris, is moving on to his next big adventure. Read full article

It's official: Gov. Abbott signed Texas' new school finance bill, HB 3, into law. While ISDs and charter networks do the math on what that means for them financially, we look forward to working with school leaders and teachers to explore what kinds of new programs, improvements, and innovations are now possible. The bill provides significant resources to attract and retain great teachers in classrooms with the greatest needs.   Read more from the Texas Tribune and the Rivard Report

Our favorite feel-good story of the week comes out of South San, where the first San Antonio quadruplets of the 21st century walked the stage for graduation.  Read full article

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