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Summer is officially here for many San Antonio students, and we want to offer all of our teachers and school leaders a huge round of applause for finishing out another school year. We know that the work doesn't stop just because the kids go home. Many teachers will spend the summer honing their craft, and school leaders will be thinking big about how to move their students forward academically and socially. 

It's encouraging to look around the country and see more large urban school districts embracing governance models that empower school leaders and put the decision-making closer to students. This story in The 74 Million explores the changes in Los Angeles.

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Should the governor sign the historic HB 3 school finance reform bill into law, some administrators will be spending their summers trying to figure out what Texas's brand new school finance rules mean for their budgets, reports Emily Donaldson at The Rivard Report. Read full article

And finally, because it's great to start summer off with a big "hooray!"; we're cheering for these SAISD recyclers as they celebrate a big victory, and make the world a cleaner, healthier place, reports Liz Teitz of the Express News.  Read full article

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