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Summer is fast approaching, and it's a race to the finish line for teachers, school leaders, and state legislators. As the pressure mounts, we've been reading about efforts to support schools and classrooms across the country, state, and city. 

This first-person essay in Chalkbeat offers a principal's perspective on what it takes for central administration to support school leadership. Denver is a pioneer of the portfolio model, but this principal suggests that more can be done to empower school leaders. Read full article

Education champions at the Statehouse are working overtime to get important bills signed into law. We're pleased to see that HB 3, a massive school finance bill has cleared the senate and is headed, with much promise, to the Governor's desk.  Read full article

Speaking of good news, Edgewood ISD is making progress to move out from state oversight. This district has its eye on change and innovation, and we're hoping that the elected school board will make bold moves to ensure those dreams take hold.  Read full article

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