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As we celebrate the 65th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education, the historical leap forward for providing quality education to all children, many of the nation’s leaders are asking, “how far have we really come since then?”

This week, we've been looking at some of the victories and challenges for Texas kids of color and another group in need of equity: students with disabilities.

We remind ourselves that we cannot stop pursuing equity until every child is given the opportunities that we as adults owe them.

The Brown vs Board of Education report, released earlier in May by UCLA and Penn State, looked at federal student enrollment data and other research on school segregation. It found that students across America are increasingly attending racially isolated schools, with black and Latino students in particular attending schools that are predominantly nonwhite.

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It is worth asking ourselves how education reform and school choice play into the equity conversation. While they do not necessarily integrate schools, they may offer some ideas for how to deliver quality education to children who have been historically underserved. A poll released Friday by the advocacy organization Democrats for Education Reform casts new light on how race aligns with support for charter schools inside the party. Read full article

And, Texas' homegrown charter, IDEA Public Schools is celebrating 20 years, and they are "Big, Bold and Sticking to the Basics"

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Finally, funding continues to be an important part of the equation for another marginalized group: students who receive special education services.

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