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After the holiday week off, we were ready to dive back into the work of strengthening our city's education landscape, which means keeping our ear to the ground on local school news. We wish it could always be good news, but there's a lot of value in considering the challenges ahead. 

The Rivard Report's Emily Donaldson unpacked some of the struggles that local school districts face in their quest to improve existing schools.

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In her three-part series "The Charter Effect" Texas Public Radio's Camille Phillips digs into the data on how where students are enrolling, where they are leaving, and the choices their parents make as they seek out the best school for their families.

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At the Express-News, Krista Torralva explores how some districts are accepting the challenges of the most vulnerable students, and finding them to be assets for the whole community. A great seat for every child includes those finding refuge in our city.

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