'Welcome' to more than 70 Teach for America San Antonio corps members

Incoming Teach for America San Antonio corps members enjoy a paleta during their induction program.

One of the most exciting parts of the summer is welcoming the newest group of Teach For America corps members. Every year, we are amazed at the perspective and experience they bring to our city - whether they are relocating, or investing in the city where they grew up. 

Teach For America and City Education Partners both want to achieve educational equity in our city, and we share the vision that all students deserve compassionate, motivated, and skilled teachers in front of them. In reality, children with the greatest needs often get the least exposure to great teachers. Teach For America addresses this challenge by working with school communities battling poverty and leaders who make a lifelong commitment to students.

The 2019 corp members are here, and we’re excited to share more about them, so that you can get an idea of their diverse life experiences and expertise they bring to San Antonio.

San Antonio welcomes over 70 corps members for 2019. They join a current network of 500 Teach for America teachers and leaders in our city.

  • 31 are from Texas, with 23 from San Antonio

  • 19 applied as college juniors

  • 19 applied as professionals (meaning they are switching careers to teach)

  • At least 9 are second-generation corps members (meaning they had a corps member teacher when they were a student) Demographics:

  • 5% African American, 5% Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 13% Multi-Racial, 32% White, 45% LatinX

  • Graduated from schools including: UTSA, TX A&M, UT-Austin, UIW, Virginia Tech, UC Boulder, Georgia State, Emory, Colorado State

  • Most Studied Majors: (7) International Relations, (6) Sociology, (5) Political Science, (4) Ed Majors, (3) Neuroscience + 8 have graduate degrees Identity Markers:

  • 53% grew up in a low-income household

  • 67% individuals of color

  • 42% first in family to attend college They’ve been:

  • Resident advisors

  • Student body presidents and vice presidents

  • Founders/presidents/leaders of dozens of organizations

  • Research & lab assistants, fundraisers, Teach for America recruiters, activists

  • Staff to elected officials: US Senators, US Representatives, State House & Assemblies, State Senators They’ve led students:

  • At camps, after-school programs, on-campus, and through City Year They are:

  • Parents

  • Collegiate athletes

  • Multi-lingual

  • Business founders/owners

  • Military veterans

We are excited to see where these corps members land, as they are still being hired by school systems and placed on campuses for the 2019-2020 school year.  Sharing our commitment to expand access to opportunity in our city, the majority will be hired within the 410 loop (downtown, urban core area), where they will complete their two-year classroom commitment. Teach For America’s largest school partners include San Antonio ISD, KIPP, and IDEA Public Schools.

This year, Teach for America San Antonio corps members will also have the opportunity to participate in a new Master of Arts in Teaching program, delivered by Relay Graduate School of Education and designed specifically for Teach for America. Corps members can complete a Masters of Arts while teaching and then receive tuition reimbursement as an incentive for continued retention in urban San Antonio classrooms.

After nearly 10 years in San Antonio, Teach For America corps member impact extends far beyond their initial commitment:  84% of the 2017 corps members will remain in the classroom in San Antonio for a third year of teaching, and Teach for America finds that 87% of San Antonio alumni continue to work in alignment with Teach For America’s mission throughout their career.

We are so excited to see the impact the incoming corps will make!

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