Frequently asked questions

What is City Education Partners' mission?

CEP exists to transform our urban public education landscape by providing access to high quality schools for all children so they will lead choice filled, prosperous lives.

Who are the "partners" that make up City Education Partners?

We are a diverse group of funders, education thought Leaders, community leaders, grassroots community based organizations and school/district leaders. Find out more on our Partners page.

Who are the funders that make up City Education Partners?

We work with a group of engaged local and national funders like the San Antonio Area Foundation, the 80/20 Foundation, The City Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation all dedicated to inspiring and empowering children.

Have any of your partners also received grants or other assistance from City Education Partners? If so, who are they?


Christian Hope Resource Center

Edgewood ISD

IDEA Public Schools KIPP Public Schools Relay Graduate School of Education San Antonio Independent School District Teach For America
The 100 Black Men of San Antonio
Trinity University
Unicity Urban Faith Mission
Youth Transitioning Into Adulthood

Who serves on the Board of Directors for City Education Partners?

Ken Halliday, Silver Ventures, San Antonio, TX

John Hayes, Activa Resources, San Antonio, TX

David Harris, The City Fund, Indianapolis, IN

Who does City Education Partners serve?

We serve students and families in the urban core of San Antonio. We do this by:

  1. Coordinating with community based organizations serving children in under-resourced neighborhoods,
  2. Developing innovative school models with school system leaders; and
  3. Ensuring that San Antonio teachers have the best possible training and preparation in order to come to and stay in San Antonio.

    Additionally, City Education Partners provides aspiring educators with opportunities with urban school systems through and a fellowship program to start new model public schools with the Innovative Schools Fellowship. Working with San Antonio districts and public charters, we are developing the San Antonio School Finder to help families find the public schools that best meet their needs.

What are some of the specific aims of City Education Partners?

  • Create groundbreaking public schools for our children through powerful partnerships

  • Increase the number of talented and well-trained teachers in San Antonio

  • Authentically engage parents and families in their public schools in new and innovative ways.

  • Raise expectations for public schools and student success.

How does the organization function? Who are the decision makers and how are decisions made?

City Education Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a five-person staff and three-person Board. Our staff works in partnership with our Board of Directors, community members, investors, business people and education thought leaders to respond to our city’s educational needs with innovative solutions, always prioritizing our children first.

Is City Education Partners strictly a funder and if not, how is it involved in the development and execution of initiatives?

While City Education Partners is a grant-making organization, we are also an organization involved in developing and executing initiatives responsive to the needs of students, families, schools and school systems. Some of the initiatives are the San Antonio School Finder, and the Innovative Schools Fellowship.