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Community Design Fellowship 

Texas Incubation Collaborative


Program Overview: 


Designing tomorrow’s schools in partnership with communities necessitates strong community-based instructional leaders to partake in the design-thinking process.  The community design fellowship is an unpaid fellowship, offered for at no cost, to facilitate diverse, entrepreneurial school educators through the process of designing and prototyping solutions to problems facing our schools and students.  Through a series of inspiration visits, participatory research, design-thinking workshops, coaching, and piloting, cohort participants will create an early-stage mission and vision, student graduate profile, and student pilot.  Fellowship participants will be able to use these artifacts to support their application for the School Launch fellowship (paid fellowship supporting the authorization of the school model) or to launch other education-based solutions within their communities.

Convening Dates:

  • October 2020 – March 2021

  • 3-4 sessions a month (combination of weeknights and Saturdays)

  • All sessions will be virtual in the fall with minimal travel planned for the spring (if safe)

Sample Session Topics:

  • What are the critical problems that we are hoping to solve and why must we imagine equitable and innovative solutions?

  • How might we design and test reimagined learning experiences to prepare all students for the future?

  • What are the values that drive us as leaders and how do we show up?

  • How do we authentically create partnerships with community through the design process?

  • What will it take to operationalize our vision into a reality?

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Application Instructions:

  • Complete sections I-IV. 

  • Attach your current resume.

  • Applications are due September 20th, 2020

  • Email your completed full application with resume and additional attachments as ONE bundled PDF to